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Celtics Links - 1/25/08

Little short on time right now so I ran with the blogs and ignored the journalists for the most part. Enjoy.

Celtics Blog
Sound bites. Green Bandwagon - A great way to get caught up to speed on what current and ex Celtics are thinking. I recommend it.
Loy's Place
Catching up with the TimberCeltics. Green Bandwagon Note - This profile focuses more on how the ex Celtics are playing. Check it out.
Commercial Appeal
Stoudamire still waiting for news of his future. Green Bandwagon Note - My thoughts on this are unchanged.
Cheer the Baby C's. Green Bandwagon Note - I can't imagine anyone booing. Even Sebastian Telfair.
The Shamrock Headband
And sometimes the worm gets you.
Big Baby on Dale and Holly.
Parquet Wishes and Leprechaun Dreams
Resident Scalabrevil. Green Bandwagon Note - Little bizarre.
Lex Nihil Novi
More Bird trash talk.
Patriot Ledge
Sleep won't come easy for Ray Allen.

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