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Matching Point Guard Prowess In New Orleans and Utah

Someone needs to get Elias Sports Bureau on the phone.

The two best young points guards -- and in the eyes of some of our readers, the two best point guards period -- in basketball tore it up once more last night, and very similarly no less.

The respective teams of both Deron Williams and Chris Paul won by convincing margins in their contests against vastly inferior teams (Sacramento and the Clippers respectively) last night.

And D-Will and CP3 had career nights so far as taking care of the ball and distributing it well is concerned.

To the effect of 14 assists and no turnovers apiece, that is.

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It's worth keeping in mind that each of these guys averages a bit less than 11 assists and a bit more than two turnovers per game, and they are two of the best at their position.

It's worth keeping in mind that Kobe Bryant turned the ball over nine times all by his own self on Wednesday night in San Antonio.

Fourteen assists.  Zero turnovers.  For both of them.

Devout CelticsBlog reader Who has asked that we hold off on the CP3-versus-DWill debate for point guard supremacy until the season progresses a tad farther.  Fair enough.

Today, it's worth appreciating the fact that there are at least two young team-oriented point guards in this league who can already be labeled great.

And only getting better. 

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