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A while back, I'm not entirely sure how long, Yahoo! unveiled the NBA Experts Blog. Adrian Wojnarowski, Joe Lago, Johnny Ludden, the always entertaining Rod Benson and Steve Kerr have contributed at some point. Although Kerr's posting suspiciously dropped off over the summer. Weird. But the bigger story here is that Kelly Dwyer is in the mix. Currently he has more posts than the aforementioned writers combined. And if you haven't been reading you should. I would put his daily contributions on the level with True Hoop in terms of importance/relevance in the NBA blogging community. In fact I've been meaning to post something along these lines for a while now. However, I held off because over the top praise posts, in terms of annoyance, are up there with impossible trade scenarios, posts that only critique another writer's work and anything about blogs vs. traditional media. They just reek of "link to me", which is lame at best. But today Dwyer officially won me over with this KG post and possibly the best fake conversation...EVER. I laughed out loud at several points. TRIP-LE DOUB-LESSS! Just read that post. The only negative is that we need a new "wow that guy really needs a blog" guy. Such is life.

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