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Celts Rolling, And So Am I

The Heat forgot there was a game tonight and haven't show up so far in the first half.   So instead of any actual game analysis, I'm linking to this post by Kelly "Soul Patch" Dwyer that I'm still laughing about 4 hours after I read it originally.  Here's a snippet for those of you that are just plain too lazy to click a link.

Kidd: Nothing can stop me on my way to a championship. That's what I was put on Earth to do.

Thorn: Jason, you're not being interviewed, stop it. You do realize how hard it is to trade someone who makes as much money as you, right? You're making 19.7 million dollars this season.

Kidd: Yeah. I'm awesome.

Thorn: Be that as it may, we have to match that salary in any trade we make.

Kidd: Kwame makes that much.

Thorn: Kwame doesn't make that much. Very few people do.

Kidd: You make that much.

Thorn: No, I don't.

Kidd: Know why?

Thorn: Why, Jason?


Just keeps getting better from there. 

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