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Follow Up: A Brief, Semi-Serious Posey Complaint

In light of Monday's glowing words about James Posey, and in the interest of full disclosure, it seems only fair to mention the one disclaimer about Posey that was accidentally omitted during the initial column and came back to light during Tuesday night's beat-down of Miami.

James Posey may be a more effective offensive player in the NBA than he would be if he stepped into a high school game right now.

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This is the case because there isn't a single high school official in this country who would allow Posey to get away with what he gets away with in the pros so far as dribbling is concerned.

How I didn't notice this before, I'll never know, but it was particularly evident during the Miami game.  Perhaps it was because Posey started fast breaks on a couple of occasions with defensive rebounds and chose to bring the ball up the floor himself, something not seen all that often on this Celts team.   His carrying and palming practices may be as egregious as that of anybody else in the league.  No, really.

Maybe I was hallucinating, but it certainly appeared that there were several levels on which Posey's ball advancement tactics were not legal.

That said, there was not a single call of that variety made against him.

And frankly, I'm nitpicking over two or three possessions worth of dribbling in a 30-point victory only because I raved on Monday about this Celtic, and I'm about to rave about another one in Tuesday's Daily Babble.

So, although I know I'm inviting Roy Hobbs to yell at me with this phrase, a bit of objectivity had to come in somewhere.  Even if it was dopey objectivity.

Keep up the good work, JP.

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