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Boston Celtics vs. Houston Rockets: 1/2/08 - Recap

Reader PNH91 went to the game last night and sent me these four observations:

  1. Yao is tall. Really tall. It's also cool watching his demeanor around the court.
  2. If you get to a game a full hour early there's a lot of random not-that-cool shit going on as they kill time.  They had this horde of kids from the Andover YMCA playing basketball, I think they lowered the hoops a little, but they didn't score one basket between them. The hoop was high and the kids were tiny, but just one basket would have made a difference.
  3. The hottest Celtics dancer, at least as far as the shots in the program go, is named Jennafa.  J-E-N-N-A-F-A. And she's white! She's throwing gang signs at me and she's white! Green Bandwagon Note - Denis Leary reference. Ding!
  4. KG is the man. That simple. I bought a $20 KG t-shirt today while picking up Nike socks at the mall. I like Paul Pierce and all, don't get me wrong, but KG is the MAN.  His pre-game seven-step handshake with Eddie House (who can shoot) set the tone. Green Bandwagon Note - Apparently PNH91 does not realize that KG is an Adidas guy. On the bright side Pierce is a Nike guy.

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