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Celtics Fans Heart KG


How could you NOT love this guy? 

Some quotes from Tony Massarotti's column today:

Five players, two draft picks and enough cash to fill an armored car. That is what it cost the Celtics [team stats] to bring Kevin Garnett to Boston. Yet today, still, you cannot help but wonder if the Celts got him for a song.

Whaddaya think, Boston:

Do you want Al Jefferson back?

For the moment, can we make something clear? Garnett is not merely the next great Celtic. He is also positively great theater. While single-handedly blowing the Rockets off the court, Garnett inspired the Garden crowd and nearly ripped off his own jersey, all with an intensity that oozes from his pores.

If you can’t enjoy this guy, you don’t like competition.

"Energy guys are great for your team," coach Doc Rivers said when asked about the relentless nature with which Garnett seems to approach every game. "It’s just rare when your best player is an energy guy. That’s a rare combination."

As for Garnett’s performance down the stretch, that may have quelled some concerns. One of the knocks on Garnett prior to his arrival was that he failed to take games over, that he wilted in crunch time. Never mind that he frequently lacked the supporting cast to alleviate some of the demand. 

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