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Kendrick Perkins is Strong

Last night at the 7:18 mark in the first quarter Tony Allen threw and ill-fated bounce pass intended for Paul Pierce. Jason Williams easily intercepted it and sped off towards the other end with Dorell Wright on his right and Dwyane Wade on his left. Only Allen stood between them and the basket. Williams pushed it to just inside the three-point line before dishing off to the aforementioned Wright. Now this is where it gets interesting. Wright missed an easy lay up, Wade misfired on a put back attempt and Mark Blount missed a tip. Eventually Blount came up with the ball, gathered himself and attempted to score. Unfortunately for him Kendrick Perkins got back into the play and erased the shot attempt, stripping Blount of the ball in the process. The ball bounced before Perk grabbed it from going out of bounds, jumped and spun around to throw a laser of a chest pass, on a line no less, to Rajon Rondo who was standing a couple of steps beyond the half court line. Keep in mind the fact that Perk's momentum was carrying him out of bounds. Further proof that Perk is a Beast.

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