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Remember last year when the Celtics were terrible? I sure do. But do you remember how every person who writes about basketball for a living constantly reminded Celtics fans that Rajon Rondo could not shoot? Well when he finally starting getting minutes Rondo pulled off some moves that excited those same fans. Granted nobody outside of Boston was watching all that closely by then. But Rondo was consistently making plays. Don't believe me? Just watch this clip, which is not suitable for work, gets a little repetitive at times, finishes with pre season highlights, misses the time he lost his shoe and still stole the ball against the Spurs and is still awesome. Well NBA fans are starting to catch on. For example there has been a lot of talk about Boston's lack of a back up point guard. If I had wrote the previous sentence 3 months ago, whether I believed it or not, I would have left out the words "back up". And now Henry Abbott and others are recognizing Rondo's skills. He is a joy to watch.

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