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The Ticket Stub?

Bulpett quotes Glen Davis:

"We’ve got the ‘Big Ticket’ Garnett, and I look like a stub, so I’m the Ticket Stub," Davis said. "It’s like, you bring your ticket to the game and you leave with your Ticket Stub. When you leave the game, you’re going to always have your Ticket Stub. You always remember the game. Whatever coach has for me to do, the Ticket Stub will be there to handle his business."

Davis said he isn’t giving up on "Big Baby," his nickname at LSU: "You don’t have to ex Baby. It’s just the Ticket Stub now."

I guess that is kinda funny, but not really ha ha funny.  Seems kinda forced.  I guess you had to be there.  I'm sticking with Big Baby.  It is just too perfect.

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