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Another LeBron Special

The Portland Trail Blazers are now witnesses.

They had blown a double-digit fourth quarter lead, but they were back up one with 30 seconds to play.  All they needed to do was to run the shot clock down and get one stop, and they would seal a victory over the defending Eastern Conference champions.

When the opposition gained possession and called timeout with 4.9 seconds remaining, the Blazers had some extra time to prepare for what was coming.  They knew who the ball was going to, and they knew what he was going to do with it.

And they couldn't do a single thing about it.

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Brandon Roy did plenty of witnessing of his own.

He had the distinct pleasure of watching the backside of one LeBron James, as The Man blew past him en route to a rather challenging switching-hands-in-the-air up-and-under that proved to be the winning bucket with three-tenths of a second left at the Rose Garden.

But the most amazing part of it all was how one man could make such a clearly challenging athletic feat look so easy, effortless even.

From the announcers to the benches to the fans to the body language of those on the court, there was never any doubt about how that final Cleveland possession would end in Portland last night.  Because LeBron James is just that good.

Just one more feather in an ever-expanding cap. 

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