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Coaching a basketball team has definitely robbed this blog of a lot of the spontaneous posts I used to make in the past. Anytime I came across a NBA story of even borderline interest I generally threw something up. Well I'm watching NBA TV GameNight and it struck me that now is as good as time as any to make some random observations and highlight some NBA news as well. In no particular order:

  1. Chris Webber is going to join the Golden State Warriors. This does not seem to make sense for any number of reasons.
  2. Damon Stoudamire could be a San Antonio Spur any day now.
  3. Adrian Wojnarowski reported today that Jason Kidd could be headed back where his NBA career began. Hat tip to Kelly Dwyer for directing me to that story.
  4. I enjoy NBA TV GameNight.
Speaking of NBA TV GameNight. I watch it because of Rick Kamla. He might not be the smoothest guy on TV or the most polished. But Kamla is a force of nature. I don't know him beyond his work. However, he comes off as someone who made it by living it. I've watched shows where Kamla alternates between showing highlights and reading off of a sheet. And it's still good. He talks about the NBA, Fantasy, D-League, and Euroleague as well. On top of that if he were ever busted for amphetamines I would not be surprised at all. However, I bring up NBA TV GameNight because about a half hour ago Peter Vecsey unleashed an epic, bordering on legendary, rant about Jason Kidd. If you don't follow Vecsey's work, and no one is blaming you if that's the case, just know that he is not a fan of Kidd. And while he probably went overboard, Vecsey made some good points. If Kidd really cared right now would the Nets be 5-10 in January? More importantly would they have lost 9 of their last 10 games? I've even come around and accepted the fact that Jose Calderon should be an All Star. Back to the list.
  1. The San Antonio Spurs may be in a lot more trouble than a lot of people want to admit. They could definitely rebound for sure. But a lot of times the wheels come off before people expect them to. San Antonio fans should be, at the very least, concerned.
  2. From this point forward I refuse to take part in any All Star snub talk.

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