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Daily Links 1/31

Herald    Big steps for pop Powe      
Mavs have stymied C's      
Globe    Mavs happy to hand off bullseye      
Gomes and Jefferson lead the way     
Mavericks thumbnails      
Decision to take Celtics job was slam dunk for long time fan    Team notes and Powe interview with NBA TV 
LOY's Place   Random Thoughts 1/31              
ESPN    Get ready for the dealing season      
Stoudamire will sign with Spurs      
Hoopsworld    Midseason report    
Yardbarker   Feeling Good - Rondo's blog     
Full Court Press    Celtics report card for 1/22-29      
Sports of Boston    Celtics four point play   
Dallas Morning News   Preview Mavs at Celtics    
Mavs might be gazing into Finals crystal ball      
Sun Sentinel   When is it right for a star to demand a trade?     
Antoine Walker blames Riley for Heat's struggles    The beasts of the East line the road     
Boston Now   Big games for Celtics and BC        
MSNBC    MVP at halfway mark has to be KG       
McKeon and Mongoose   L Powe, J Calderon, E Andrews,  we like them      
Parquet Pride   The ebb and flow of Rondo        
Green Bandwagon    Kendrick Perkins is strong    
Bleacher Report    What's the problem in Boston?      
Perkisabeast     No KG + No Ray = best baskeball of the year    
Suffolk Voice   Celtics prepare for the best of the West      
Lex Nihil Novi   '86 C's move to 35-8 after beating Washington    
El Jeffe is playing el  Chef(fe)      
Patriot Ledger   For C's it's different being KG's teammate           

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