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General Manager 'Bron

It appears LeBron James may in fact be moderately interested in playing alongside a world-class point guard.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"When it gets to a point like that, where you see Jason Kidd wants to be traded, you shouldn't have to go to the front office and tell them to get on it," James said after the Cavs practiced at the Nike headquarters in preparation for [Wednesday's] game against the Trail Blazers. "It's Jason Kidd. It's not someone else asking for a trade. It's Jason Kidd. You shouldn't have to go to anybody in the front office for them to be ready to try to jump on it."

Credit Bron for mastering at least on facet of his quest to become a global icon: Keeping the intrigue coming even when he isn't lighting up basketball courts across America.

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Over the past year, LBJ has become almost as dynamic off the floor as he is on it.  From his comments about possibly missing the birth of his second child to play in a Finals game ("I was there for the first one...she knows I love my teammates") to his public questioning of the front office in Cleveland this summer to the Yankees cap to the Yankee sneaker to the Kidd comments and everything in between, James has made it clear that he isn't a robot, and his flair for the dramatic isn't limited to the confines between the lines.

Frankly, I can't help but like LBJ all the more for it.  Yes, his comments at times have bordered on unwise but never reached a point of offensiveness or impropriety, and it is worth remembering that he is both 23 years old and a human being.  He is going to make his share of mistakes both in games and out, but watching him develop as a player, teammate and leader has been and continues to be a pleasure.

The occasional goofiness just makes it all the more fun.

Now, as a Celts fan, here's hoping Danny Ferry isn't listening to Bron. 

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