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"Get over here and take care of it."

Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune reports that it got a little heated at a recent Minnesota Timberwolves practice:

"Teammates separated point guards Sebastian Telfair and Marko Jaric during an altercation late in Thursday's practice. The incident was defused before heated words became anything more than that on a team that is 4-27 and has lost six consecutive games."

Zgoda included a wise quote from head coach Randy Wittman:
"As long as we leave it here [on the practice floor], and we've never had a problem with it going anywhere else. It was what it was. I like to see teammates take control of that situation." - Rany Wittman

I know Sebastian Telfair was never charged and by all accounts was a victim in that bizarre Fabulous encounter of sorts last season. Having said that Jaric might want to be cautious and keep his head on a swivel. For example if someone yells, "Get over here and take care of it" Jaric should run. And yes, "Get over here and take care of it" is one of my favorite obscure references of all time.

Parting shots:

  • Did the Celtics have one fight all of last season?
  • Is there a more WWF sounding name in the NBA coaching ranks than Randy Wittman?

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