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Boston Celtics vs. Memphis Grizzlies: 1/4/08 - Open Game Thread - Mike Conley Jr./Greg Oden Edition

Last night I was checking out Mike Conley's old AAU team on his blog. In the process I was blown away by how many times Conley responded in the comments section. It struck me as further proof that NBA players who can't legally drink have tons of free time on their hands. That's borderline desperation. I should know. I dream about comments. Anyways, in an attempt to solidify my desperate status, I actually scrolled through to see how many times Conley commented. 20 of the 77 comments belonged to Conley. But in the process I stumbled upon a comment by his friend and ex-teammate, Greg "I haven't even played a game in the NBA yet and I still talk shit about a guy with a ring" Oden. Oden's comment:

"a man did you see daequan sh*t on james posey that joint was so funny dog i got mad hype" - Greg Oden

Conley's response:
"Yea I saw it, Edmond showed it to me. Daequan loves to dunk on people in November I guess, I remember the dunk he had on Danny Green during the UNC game last year." - Mike Conley Jr.

The dunk in question:

Disregard the fact that I don't even understand half of what Oden typed and ignore the obvious question - who the hell is Edmond? Instead focus on the play itself. If anything Posey should be chided for fouling Cook and letting him get the basket. But to his credit Posey was busting his ass down the court, trying to challenge the shot. It's not as if it were the second coming of Baron Davis over Andrei Kirilenko. And even though I respect Conley's blog, which causes him to spend some time fending off XBox 360 play dates, while simultaneously communicating with a famous buddy for everyone to see, I have decided to hold a grudge against Conley and Oden. What exactly does that mean? Well if past grudges - LeBron over the last season and a half - are any indication, nothing. Nothing at all. In fact it is probably good for them. Damn.

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