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Oh Baby!!!

Huge, huge win.

Big Baby Davis turned in the game of his life at the best possible time.  Twenty tough, hard earned points, all of which seemed to come exactly when we needed them most.  Not to mention some bigtime defense and rebounds.  I can't say enough about how well he played.

It was a very close game the whole way.  This is going to be a great rivalry this year if these teams can keep it up.  The Celtics showed they belong and they can win a close game with the experienced Pistons.

The Pistons defense forced the Celtics into way too many jumpshots, not unlike what we typically do to other teams.  The Celtics struggled early on when KG was in foul trouble.  They couldn't get anything going on either end of the court when he wasn't in the game.

The fouls were one of the stories of the game as well.  I'm not usually one for complaining about the refs, it bores me to tears.  You see, I tend to think that over the course of the season bad calls will even out and we'll benefit from them as often as not.  However, on any given day, the calls can really get under your skin and this was one of those nights.  I think the problem was that the refs were calling the game loosely, which means they were calling it inconsistently, which is the cardinal sin of officiating.  Oh well.  We won anyway, so that's another conversation for another day.

In other news, I think we can award round two of Rondo vs. Billups to Chauncey once again, but there's little to no shame in that.  He's a veteran star and he's a tough matchup for anyone.  Still, it forced Doc to go to Tony at the point late in the game and we're lucky that didn't cost us more than it did.

Which brings us back to Big Baby.  Talk about stepping it up when his team needed it the most.  Credit Doc for using him and sticking with him too.  This Baby is here to stay folks.  Love that guy. 

Oh yeah, and how about Paul Pierce chanelling Magic Johnson on those assists?  (Credit Green17 with that line) 

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