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Daily Links 1/6

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Herald      Oh Baby!  What a win!      
Pierce fired up after the win      
Ex marks the spot    
Big Baby's end zone?     
Globe    Davis carries a big load      
Baby shows off his mature side     
Singer amused by fans' call for a 'T'    
Better than a lottery hit     
MetroWest Daily   Ainge's patience a virtue for Celtics    
LOY's Place   Oh Baby!  Sweet revenge!      
Celtics 17   Baby shower   Chasing 70     
ESPN    Celts celebrate as Pistons shrug      
Hoopsworld   Celtics get revenge at Detroit     
Celtics 24/7    Big Baby steps up, C's get revenge at the Palace    
Worcester Telegram   Lady Luck has smiled on Celtics' Perkins   
C's have come far in one year  
Detroit Free Press   Big Baby breakout        
Big Baby goes from 2nd round pick to Celtics' entire offense   
The best quotes from Pistons/Celtics version 2.0     
Pistons stagnant offense reminiscent of past playoff games      
NY Daily News   Predictions from sublime to ridiculous  
Patriot Ledger   Scalabrine's play reduced to a waiting game     
Bleacher Report    80's rivalry revival    
Celtics rising       
Enterprise   Garnett makes MVP pitch     
CBS Sports    Boston proves that depth counts    
Salt Lake Tribune   Don't forget Detroit      
Detroit News   Celtics get their payback    
Atlanta Journal Constitution   Boston's group tops trio charts   
Celtics Locker   The Celtics were smart not to trade Tony Allen    
Press Enterprise   Lakers vote Odom MVP of the Allen Bowl    
Cavman Considers   Considering the Celtics' starters minutes     
Red's Army   Celtics glory days are coming back     
AZ Central    Remembering The Pistol     
National Post   Focus on Boston is all right by Detroit   
OC Register    Odom says he wasn't trying to hurt Allen    
Can't Stop the Bleeding   Boston the new entitlement capital of the world    
NBA Glue   Who says there's no bench?     
Piston Insider   Stars of the Boston game      
Kansas City Star   Will the Celtics top the Bulls 72-10 season?  David Boyce says yes.  
MLive   Celtics get revenge against Pistons       
Need4Sheed   Pistons Celtics live blog    
Out of Bounds   Too early to hate these Celtics   
Shamrock Headband   Turns out the C's aren't bad     
Lex Nihil Novi   Pierce with another Hondoesque moment    
Rallytown   Big Baby to the rescue   
Connecticut Post   Big Baby gives Celtics a huge win     

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