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Sour Grapes Billups

Apparently Billups didn't care for the Celtics celebrating after the game.  As reported by Fanhouse:

"They're a little more happy than we was when we won our game out there," he said. "It was just like a regular game for us. Two good teams playing. They're kind of playing like it's the Super Bowl, man. It's just a regular game, two good teams playing. There's a little more at stake for them and their psyche than [for] us, but they won, it's cool."

I'm sorry Chauncey, but get over yourself.  We're all very proud of the fact that you won one NBA title and now feel like you are the model team franchise in terms of how to act.  I guess that means all "great" NBA teams like yours should have a guy on the team that leads the league in technicals.

Yes, Pierce and Posey probably did revel in the victory and bask in the glow of the moment.  This was about as big a game as you can have in the first week of January.  Both teams wanted this game badly.  Detroit wanted the first game because they had to prove to the world that the Celtics couldn't just take their position atop the East without a fight.  The Celtics wanted this one because they had to prove that they can beat the best teams.  This early in the season it is all about self-motivation and if that is what it takes to get up for a game, great.  By the way, thanks for the bulletin board material for the next game.

I'm happy that things are getting chippy between these teams.  The Detroit rivalry is one we can build upon and learn from this year.  You need some early season tests to see what you are made of.  The Celtics are rightfully proud that they passed this test.  That doesn't mean they think they are done or ready to be crowned champs.  But they see the progress they've made in such a short time and they want more of it. 

This win was sweet.  We should all soak it in. Then we should get ready for more hard fought battles and hopefully more victories down the road.  This team can play with and beat anyone.  That's something to be proud of.

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