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Daily Links 1/7

Herald    Celtics grounded after trip      
Globe    Play of bench sits well with mates      
Saturday night fight      
MetroWest Daily   KG more than just a terrific talent      
LOY's Place   Random thoughts      
ESPN   The contenders    
LA Times    Cassell is not having fun  
Metro    Celtics Perking up      
What a difference a year makes       
Detroit Free Press    Celtics mock Pistons' fans    
Perkisabeast   Celtics show Pistons how to close out a game   
Hoopsworld   Power Rankings - Celtics #1  
Sun Journal   Huddle up      
SouthCoast Today    Celtics not quite acting the part    
Green Bandwagon     Scal-a-Brine    
One More Dying Quail    Thoughts on Big Al       
Sports of Boston     Big Baby grows into a big man    
Red's Army   The price of success   
MLive    Pistons remain a work in progress    
CommaPause   Revenge is a dish best served by babies   
Bostonist    Detroit, rocked city    
Houston Chronicle    Heard around the NBA:  flop flop, fizz fizz  
Hoopsvibe   Who is your early Eastern Conference MVP?   
Lex Nihil Novi   McHale clotheslines the NBA         
Pioneer Press    Kevin's kids a lost cause       


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