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Get Creative, Get Cassell?

Kelly Dwyer opens up an interesting scenario where Sam Cassell could maybe get moved to a team like the Celtics, provided they can get creative.  Danny does have a history of being creative.

So Cassell needs to make a subtle, un-leaked, trade demand. He needs to get his agent working on deals to Orlando (when Maurice Evans can be traded in two weeks, with Pat Garrity's expiring contract as well), the Suns, the Warriors, or the Celtics. The last three teams on the list don't have the expiring contracts needed to match the 6.1-million Cassell is making this season, so they'll have to get creative: and likely involve the Seattle SuperSonics (boasting a new GM, Sam Presti, who is awfully creative) and their trade exceptions.

It's quite do-able, and it should be done. Sam had, at the very least, the most charismatic part in the best season the Los Angeles Clippers have ever enjoyed, and while you'd like to keep him on board, you should also try to do what's right. Sam Cassell is a man who should be having fun.

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