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Monday Bullets

Blatantly stealing from TrueHoop's format because there's just too much good stuff to link to and I don't want to do a whole post for each one:

  • Sheridan on the Pistons: "At some point, the Pistons cannot be simply satisfied with being a long-term fixture atop the East.  At some point, they have to take some regular-season games more seriously than others, if only to keep the new kid on the block from building the type of confidence that can make all the difference at the end of a crucial game -- especially a playoff game."
  • FLCeltsFan on the Hack-a-Celts routine: "We now have 3 players sporting stitches from teams playing us very physical. KG has 4 stitches over his eye courtesy of Kwame Brown. Posey has 4 stitches in his arm courtesy of Rudy Gay (although Gay may have gotten the worst of that one with a broken tooth) and Rondo has stitches over his eye courtesy of the Pistons. Thankfully, Ray Allen wasn't hurt when he was tackled by Lamar Odom but he very easily could have been. The Celtics have a bullseye on their backs as every team wants to be the one to knock them off."
  • Keep an eye on the waiver wire today. Who knows what Ainge might find in the clearance bin.
  • Kelly Dwyer vs. Peter May, fun for everyone: "Cap space, a 20-and-12 23-year old, and first round picks? McHale screwed up in not taking the rumored offer from the Chicago Bulls from back in May of 2006 (Luol Deng, Tyson Chandler, second pick in the draft), but McHale didn't want to trade Garnett back then. In dealing with what was out there last summer, Peter is showing a lack of insight into how these things actually work. Where's the "cave?" Was there a better deal available? Are the Timberwolves better off retaining KG? Not sure, no, and #@%& no."
  • C's back on top of the power rankings: ESPN (Stein) & SI (Burns) - but not in Hollinger's stat rankings
  • Big Baby shows up in the Rookie Rankings on SI.   More on Baby at
  • YAYSports is jealous happy for us again.
  • From Dr. J to Kobe

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