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Daily Links 1/8

Herald   House keys C's bench      
Globe    Greatness is measured only one way    Big Baby working through NBA growing pains   
CelticsBlog   When will this train slow down?      
LOY's Place    Home or away?    
Celtics 17  Everybody's getting chippy against the Celtics     Power Rankings - Celtics back on top   
Celtics man on the street       
ESPN      Power Rankings  - Celtics on top here too      
Playoff odds     
Hollinger puts Celtics second    Celtics top this Power Ranking too
NY Post    Big Baby's breakout    
Enterprise   Another find for Ainge      
Star Tribune    McHale takes blame but doesn't excuse play     
Red's Army    Giving Doc a little due  
Props for Posey       
Sports 4 Dorks   McHale - McWronged       
Detroit Free Press   Sheed still silent after Boston loss    
Athlon Sports    Celtics still winning at a record pace     
Detroit Bad Boys   On Boston's (over)reaction     
Black Athlete    Box and one with Boston's Doc Rivers     
Fire Danny Ainge    Was Kevin Garnett always this conceited and obnoxious?   
Got Garnett     Big Baby shines in big win      
Raptors Talk    Checking in on the Atlantic Division     
Boston SportZ   Pistons are big babies      
Hoopsworld   Ainge isn't living in the past      
All warrior team      
Pat's Sports Journal    29-3 Celtics Can they be beaten?     
TrueHoop   Tough day for those with non-guaranteed contracts      
Simon on Sports   Scalabrine watch weeks 8-10    
Perkisabeast   It's not about making history    
The Shamrock Headband   The fox climbs on the bandwagon   
Can Danny    C's are now the test     
Lex Nihil Novi    Why Doc stayed put   
Rally Town     Bobcats come to town    
Connecticut Post   Footnotes to a great game       
Green Shaded Glasses    A step in the right direction     
Full Court Press    Unreasonable grousings make an important return    
Boston Magazine    Playing through the pain         

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