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Ray Allen Likely Out Against Charlotte reports that Ray Allen is most likely going to be held out against the Bobcats:

After sitting out Tuesday's practice, Ray Allen told reporters he has a pinched nerve that is causing numbness and tingling in three fingers on his right hand. Coach Doc Rivers expects Allen will miss the game and that reserve guard Tony Allen will start in his place.

"Three of my fingers started going numb, and then yesterday my pinky started discoloring, so that's when I knew it was something a little worse than I thought," Allen said. "It's radiating down [from my neck] through my shoulder blade. It's an uncomfortable feeling."

It's unfortunate that Ray is hurting, but it's been clear that something hasn't been right.  As has been argued previously, the team should give our injured players all the time they need to get fully healthy.  There's no need to win games at all costs right now.  Still, it's hard not to think about how important Ray was in the last game against Charlotte .  Let's hope we don't need him in the same role again.

Also, Big Baby is day-to-day with a sore left knee, and could also be held out against the Cats.

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