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A Bullish Lack Of Offense Down the Stretch In Chicago

The Chicago Bulls spent the last four minutes and sixteen seconds of their contest last night by thoroughly earning their embarassing home loss to the New York Knicks.

Or at least that is how it appeared.

Because they certainly weren't spending the time scoring.

Against the worst defensive team in basketball, the Bulls were finished scoring when Ben Gordon's three at the 4:16 mark put them up by a 100-95 mark, only to see the Knicks score the game's final 10 points to seal a 105-100 defeat for the fellows in red and white.

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Once more (especially with Luol Deng sitting out injured), the Bulls' lack of a dominant scoring presence reared its ugly head. 

And ugly it was.

The streaky Ben Gordon couldn't finish a drive to rim and then missed badly twice from deep, including an air ball.  Kirk Hinrich stepped on the sideline.  Ty Thomas got hit with a charge on a move that didn't even accomplish anything for him.

The Bulls' ball movement stagnated, they continuously ran down the shot clock, and they could not get good looks at the basket for themselves.

Against the worst defensive team in basketball at the most crucial time.

Ugly indeed.

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