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Boston Celtics vs. Charlotte Bobcats: 1/9/08 - Open Game Thread

I'm going on a time consuming road trip for an away game today and will not return until late in the evening, probably right around the time this game wraps up. I'll catch it then. What to watch for:

  1. Ray Allen will sit this one out. Given his performance in the last two games it makes sense that something was not quite right. It's January and they're the Bobcats. Good time for this.
  2. If I were a fan of a losing team I would want a player like Gerald Wallace to play for it. Maybe he's a little overpaid and injury prone to a degree. But he flies around the court and makes play. Just check out his block on this list. I also enjoyed Sean Williams catching a shot.
  3. What happened the last time these two teams met? Hmmm. Oh right:
  1. I like Raymond Felton's game. I also like Emeka Okafor's game, just not as much as he does apparently.
  2. Let's ignore the fact that the Bobcats' trade for Nazr Mohammed was a curious financial decision. In their defense the Bobcats did need some help for Okafor. However, any deal that relegates Walter Herrmann to some team's bench is not cool with me. He will be missed.

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