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Preseason Game 2: Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Recap

- I was impressed with how quickly Mo Williams pushed the ball up the court when he set his mind to it. In fact during the first several possessions of the game Williams, and LeBron James, pushed the ball aggressively. And on one of those plays I caught Zydrunas Ilgauskas in the background, running as hard as possible with a, "You've got to be freaking kidding me" look on his face.

- I know Tommy Heinsohn annoys some people, particularly non-Boston fans. Yet every now and then he'll drop a Maurice Stokes reference. I respect that and fans of other NBA teams should too. As a side note the reference was part of a comparison to LeBron.

- Of course Heinsohn also yelled, "Classic Leon Powe!" at one point. Has Powe been around enough/played enough to have classic moves? Heinsohn went on to say that Powe will be better than Charles Oakley. Classic Tommy Heinsohn.

- Having said all that, Powe gets buckets.

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- These alternate venues always throw me off a bit. During last night's game I kept thinking the C's were playing in San Antonio. The floor reminded me of the AT&T Center. Randomly Neil Diamond is going to rock that joint on Sunday.

- One underrated aspect of Tony Allen's ridiculous run during that dreadful 2007 season? He was an iron man. When healthy he can run all night. Speaking of the 2007 season. About 7 minutes into the game Leon Powe was whistled for an offensive foul right after Rajon Rondo threw a pass to Tony Allen. With the play dead Allen drifted towards the basket and I thought, "NO NO NO NO, Don't do it!" Thankfully Allen just stopped and threw the ball to the ref. Anyways we saw a little bit of Allen's endurance last night, as he played 42 minutes. He also put up some nice numbers.

- Couple of random Daisuke Matsuzaka points. 1. Even as he cruised through the first 6 innings I maintained that the real Dice K would make an appearance. And he finally did in the 7th. Of course he got out of it. I'm done trying to explain him. 2. I can't decide how I feel about the fact that Dice K wears his hat like a guy who has never worn a baseball hat before. Who bends the brim?

- Back to the C's. Anderson Varejao might be one of the most annoying basketball players ever. And the fact that he'd take that as a compliment only makes it worse.

- Boston's offense has clicked at times, particularly early in games. Meanwhile, the defense has been less than stellar. Tom Thibodeau is losing his mind watching it.

- Clifford Ray and Patrick O'Bryant worked on the mini hook this summer. It's still early but POB could morph into a nice back up center.

- I didn't realize Sam Cassell was with the team until I saw him behind Boston's bench in street clothes. He was jabbering away to someone. Who? I have no idea.

- I'm glad Mike Gorman asked if Glen Davis looked big. I don't like being the only one. Doc Rivers didn't agree, but criticized everything else about Big Baby's game.

- Eddie House is one of the more randomly entertaining players in the NBA.

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