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Boston Celtics vs. Houston Rockets - Halftime Reaction

I got a text from a reader at the game. It's not the highest quality as those aren't typically formatted for a larger screen. But I appreciate the effort. More importantly I can't wait to talk to him. This is an absolutely insane preseason game and he's right up close.


Meanwhile, a ton of basketball and extra curricular activity has already occurred and they've only played a half. Bill Walker and Eddie House going at Tracy McGrady. Kevin Garnett hustling to block Rafer Alston's lay up. Alston's dunk. Paul Pierce and Ron Artest getting into it, rolling on the court at one point. Tony Allen and Patrick O'Bryant in foul trouble. It's been chaotic.

And you know what? I feel good about this Celtics team. They came together like a gang tonight. I don't know what House said to McGrady when he came to Walker's aid, but I'd bet almost anything it included "motha" and a word that rhymes with trucker. It says something when the defending champs fight like hell to go into the half with the the 3rd preseason game. The NBA is in a fantastic place right now.

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