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Cousy Upset

Frank Dell'Apa of the Globe reports:

Bob Cousy will be at TD Banknorth Garden for the Celtics' banner raising Oct. 28, but he will not be involved in the television broadcasts this season for the first time in 34 years after Comcast SportsNet fired him.

"I would have liked to have continued," Cousy said yesterday. "I'm only involved in 10 games a season, so it's not that big a deal. But I would have liked to have been allowed to keep my hand in, especially after 22 years of [Celtics] mediocrity - last year was kind of fun, frankly, and I was looking forward to doing it again. Comcast can choose to do the hiring and firing, but if it's a financial situation, I'm not being overpaid. What they pay me is what they spend monthly for office supplies."

Cousy said he was dissatisfied with how he was informed of the decision.

"I got a call from somebody I hardly knew, not even the head honcho, saying they decided to go to a two-man booth," Cousy said. "I said, 'Thank you, very much,' and hung up. When you're 80 years old, you run out of leverage."

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