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Cavs Blogger Previews

cle.gifLots of Cavs bloggers out there.  We are all witnesses.

Amar Panchmatia of Cavalier Attitude sets the tone nicely

So forgive the city for keeping its guard up when talk centers around a Cavaliers team that could be the best in franchise history. This is a city that has seen The Drive, The Shot, The Fumble, and a one-run lead in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game Seven of the World Series evaporate. This is a city that has seen its beloved football team move and win a Super Bowl five years later. And now, when the city has one of the most tremendous sources of civic pride to rally around in LeBron James, rascals and imbeciles around the country (all of whom deserve the worst, slowest, most painful, and most gruesome death, mind you) can’t stop talking about when he’ll leave Cleveland.

David Friedman: 20 Second Timeout 

3. What are the team's biggest weaknesses?

Even if Williams performs as well as the Cavaliers hope, the team still lacks players who can create their own shots as well as create shots for teammates. James shoulders most of that burden, Williams will certainly help and Delonte West can fill that void at times but in recent years the Cavaliers have not scored a lot of easy baskets, either in transition or in the half court.

Rock: Waiting For Next Year  

1. What significant moves were made during the offseason? The first thing Danny Ferry did this offseason was re-sign Daniel Gibson to a very team-friendly long term deal. However, the most visible move the Cavaliers made was trading Joe Smith and Damon Jones for Mo Williams. The move was key because the Cavs held on to Delonte West and Daniel Gibson while adding a true starting PG in Williams. However, the re-signing of Delonte West was a close 2nd on the scale of importance for the Cavaliers. West is a fierce competitor and a versatile guard who can fill in either backcourt position. West will allow Mike Brown to get creative with his substitution and rotation patterns as West is able to both create his own shot offensively as well as play tough defense.

FTS: Fear The Sword

4. What are the goals for this team?

A Divisional Title, a top-2 seed in the playoffs and a trip back to the Finals.  The Cavaliers have the best player in the game and a decent set of pieces around him to make that happen.  The Cavaliers also possess a $13.5 million bullet in the form of Wally Szczerbiak's expiring contract.  Should the need arise come February for the Cavaliers to make a move to bring in an impact player, Danny Ferry has the tools at his disposal to make that happen.  There is no reason to think a trip to the Finals is out of reach for this team, and who has the stones to ever bet against Lebron James in a 7-game series?  Yea, me neither.


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