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Bill Walker Making Friends

You have to love Bill Walker if you are a Celtics fan.  If you are not a Celtics fan, it seems like Bill Walker is already getting on your nerves.  See what Brett Edwards has to say about him:

We're barely three games into the pre-season, and I'm already tired of hearing the name Bill Walker. It's not that I don't appreciate the youngster's talents, because I do: he's clearly got some skills or he wouldn't be on the court for the World Champs, even in these exhibitions. What needs to stop though is the unnecessary taunting of legitimate NBA All-Stars after making plays that might have been spectacular at Kansas State, but are simply average at the NBA level.

Bill's crimes?  Celebrating a dunk too close to LeBron James and getting in Tracy McGrady's face after he shoved Walker to the ground.  Yup, I'm sure everyone will hate him soon. 

You know, we keep talking about how we can't replace Posey with one player and how everyone has to pick up something.  Well, I think we may have found our guy to get under the other teams' skin.

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