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Free Darko Previews Every Game

That's right, every single game of the year.   Well, ok, it looks like only the first two months, but I'm sure more will come.  And of course this is with Free Darko's typical off-beat flair.  Here are a few of my favorites concerning the Celtics games:

Oct 28 Cleveland @ Boston. Darius Miles somehow gets a championship ring, eBays it.

Oct 31 Chicago @ Boston. Darius Miles fulfills his lifelong dream of playing alongside KG. He promptly retires after the first half, then unretires to play in the fourth quarter.

Nov 05 Boston @ Oklahoma City. Instead of playing the Thunder, the Celtics just show up and sign autographs for the Thunder players and fans.

Nov 09 Boston @ Detroit. The game itself crumbles under the pressure of unnecessary hype.

Nov 12 Atlanta @ Boston. KG supplexes Zaza Pachulia, just because.

Nov 20 Detroit @ Boston. 'Sheed's swagger causes minor nuclear explosion.

Nov 28 Philadelphia @ Boston. Nope, Philadelphia still not as good as Boston.

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