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Daily Links 10/14

Herald   Kendrick Perkins goes in with a bang   
Globe   Celtics are perked up by return      
Magic Johnson joins ESPN    
Perk makes presence felt  

More Links After the Jump    

LOY's Place   Celtics and Cavs clash for second time     
Hoopsworld    Are the Bulls better or worse?     
The preseason:  The good, bad and ugly      
Pre 2 Power Rankings- Celtics back on top      
Red's Army    NBA Layoffs      
Pittsburgh Tribune Review   Celtics, Cavs to clash at The Pete    
Sports of Boston    Celtics player previews:  The bench forwards     
ESPN    Now comes the hard part for Garnett, Celtics     
And One   Earl Strom:  One of the guys who runs his own show     
The Big Lead   NBA two a days:  Boston Celtics    
FanHouse   Bill Walker is trying to make a name for himself by irritating those who already have    Boston Celtics Blu-Ray gets specs 
Lex Nihil Novi   McHale bails out C's again (81-82)       
Wilbon predicts repeat       
Connecticut Post   NBA predictions -   final cut      

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