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Another Warmup Win

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I only got to see the first half (so far) but here are my impressions anyway:

  • Nice to see Perkins on the floor.  He's in mid-season form with fouls at least.
  • The starting unit just looks so good out there.  Crisp passes, smothering defense, open looks.  Fun to watch.
  • Ray just abused Wally left and right.
  • I liked seeing O'Bryant (PO Box 26? Notorious POB?) block a LeBron shot.
  • It is good that Tony is being aggressive, but he's still out of control too much.
  • Saw one nifty baseline move by Miles, but that's about it.

Some box score observations:

  • DNP-CD's for the two rookies, Cassell, and Scalabrine.  Hmmmmm.
  • Powe put up a nice stat line.
  • Tony pulled down 6 boards.
  • Not much else from the bench.  Other than Powe, the bench shot 6 for 25 from the floor.

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