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Bucks Blogger Previews

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mil.gifBucks previews:

Frank Madden from BrewHoop :

4. What are the goals for this team?

With the East still weak outside the top five, the Bucks, like most everyone in the conference, will be gunning for a playoff spot--even if they've become disinterested in talking about it.  Still, fans might have to settle for more incremental improvement considering the club has won just 54 games combined over the past two years and once again underwent a major facelift in the offseason.  Skiles' Chicago teams were perennial slow starters and his first Milwaukee squad will likely be no different, as the Bucks will play 20 of their first 33 on the road.

Bret Boyer from The Bratwurst:

The Yi-Jefferson Trade: There’s no doubt that Jefferson is better than either Yi or Simmons, but is he a difference-maker? It’s clearly a good trade for the Bucks — they wanted to get rid of Yi and Simmons because they aren’t good basketball players, the Nets wanted to move Jefferson because he’s overpaid in three years. It’s easy to call this a "win now" move (since Jefferson is expensive and not incredibly young) but even if Jefferson is better than the players he replaced (including Mason) how many more wins can he get you by himself? 2? 5?

For a full schedule of the previews, see here.

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