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Goodbye, H20?

At long last, it looks like Allan Houston is definitively reaching the end of the road.  For sure this time around.

From the New York Post's Marc Berman on Tuesday:

Houston said the doctors have told him he will miss Friday's game in Boston and has no idea when he'll be back because of his quad strain.

I don't source everything I write to protect people, but from being around the club daily for nearly three weeks, it's very clear Houston is not going to make the team. The Knicks invited him mostly as a courtesy to training camp because he is Allan Houston.

Allan revealed yesterday he pulled his quad a week before camp. Never told us. All he said on Media Day was how readier he felt this preseason than last. At least last preseason, he was able to get on the court and play a game.

With the Knicks being over the roster maximum as is, it's hard to see this one working out well for the veteran guard.

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As I've written before, and as Berman indicates in his piece, it's sad to see Houston go because he is a class act and had the back end of his career decimated by injuries.  But he has reached the point where his value in general is quite limited.  To a Knicks team in the midst of rebuilding and getting younger, it's likely even lower.  Houston may be headed to the Knicks' front office, which would be a nice way for the Knicks to keep their ties with him and a more appropriate location for him than the court at this point.

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