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Sizable Apple Locker Room Fun

The hits just keep on coming with the Knicks.

As reported by the excellent Marc Berman of the New York Post:

there was another telling moment in the locker room tonight.  Stpehon Marbury told a writer to move away from inside his locker-room cubicle as he emerged from the shower. The two had an exchange, nothing big. The more telling part was Jamal Crawford motioning to a couple of media members to check out the scene. It's apparent which combo guard wants Marbury out of town.

Sounds like Steph being Steph but something a bit different from Crawford.

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Much as I'm loath to provide any praise to anyone in the blue and orange, Crawford was the one Knick who positively changed my views of him last season.  He played hard every night, seemed more focused and better with his decision-making than he had been in years past, and win or (mostly) lose, he conducted himself excellently with the media whenever he was interviewed. 

The idea that he'd like Marbury out of town only adds to my esteem for him, but it's a bit surprising to see the guy supposedly trying to throw gas on the fire by directing the media toward more Steph trouble.  Here's hoping Crawford can take the high road going forward. 

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