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Daily Links 10/18

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Herald  Rajon Rondo’s on ice     
Ballboys share in title glory    
Leap year awaits Tony Allen    
Globe   Rondo sprains ankle in defeat
Rondo, Celtics fall   

More Links After the Jump     

CelticsBlog    10 Days        
Celtics Stuff Live  JB's last dance   
LOY's Place   House shines, but Knicks win     
Comments from the other side - Knicks      
Celtics add new Jerseys for season opener      
Red's Army     Not impressed     
Garnett ads galore      
Connecticut Post  Celtics lose to the Knicks 104-97   
Worcester Telegram   Perkins is coming along slowly     
NY Daily News   What an exhibition!  Knicks beat champion Celtics in Boston 104-97    
Enterprise   Healthy season would be a nice Perk     
Portland Trail Bloggers  Darius Miles:  Poor preseason performances could spell doom    
Celtics 24/7   Celtics drop Garden opener to Knicks     
WEEI   Celtics lose, cuts loom      
Coach Cassell in action    Delonte West being treated for mood disorder     
USA Today   Can the Celtics be caught, can the Lakers hang on?   
Celtics 17   Miles most likely to be cut?       
Fox Sports   Which teams will fall off the 50 win pace?    
TrueHoop    Experts gaze into the crystal ball of 2008-09    Delonte West back with Cavs, reveals his personal battles     
Hoopsworld   Robinson, Knicks upend defending champion Celtics   
Lex Nihil Novi  C's move to 11-2 as Warriors fade in the fourth (81-82)      
Did Magic get Westhead fired?  (81-82)      

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