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Doc Rivers, Champion

docplansmall.jpg Kind of a slow story day, so here's a nice, fluffy article on Doc Rivers by Adrian Wojnarowski:

"I’m not a big coach-caller," Rivers said. "Do you know what I’m saying there? Never have been."

The coach of the world champion Boston Celtics had to smile when he said, "So yeah, this summer was abnormal for me. I called a load of coaches."

There have always been coaching sages in Rivers’ life, voices he could trust. He played for Pat Riley, who always sells people on the genius of his work. He played for Gregg Popovich, who always sells the genius of his players. Rivers has always been far more Pop than Riles, always taking his job far more seriously than himself.

Just hearing his name along side those other names is incredible considering the general perception of him just 15 months ago.  I can't help but feel happy for him.  By all accounts he is widely respected as a genuinely nice guy (for further evidence, see here).  To take all that heat over a span of a couple years and to come out a Champion is truly a great story.  But you won't be reading it anytime soon.

Rivers turned down the chance to write his memoir and passed on several endorsement possibilities this summer. He was just happier traveling to AAU basketball tournaments to watch his son, Austin, play ball.

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to re-watch the DVDs or go watch this movie later this month.

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