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Daily Links 10/2

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Herald   Ray Allen, son deal with juvenile diabetes     
A knee-jerk reaction for Tony Allen    
Ben Gordon ok's one year contract with Bulls        
Globe   Rivers has extended family   Miles Hungry in Comeback Bid with Boston       
Post Ups Notebook - Training Camp     
Video  from camp   

 More Links After the Jump  

CelticsBlog     Another breakout coming in pivot in Philly?   
LOY's Place    Exciting things coming out of camp   
ESPN   Review of officials finds Donaghy only culprit, calls for change   
Eric Musselman's Notebook    Help, containment key to effective defense   
PR Web   Celtics legend Bill Russell private/public memorabilia signing       
Rocky Mountain News    Celtics' Ray Allen spotlights juvenile diabetes   
Washington Post   Walker never thought he'd be a Wizard  
EW   Check out Stephen King's new ad for Sportscenter        
Orlando Sentinel    Injury bug bites several NBA stars early in camp      
Heart of Celtics' Rivers draws ire in Orlando       
Lex Nihil Novi   Were the 2008 Celtics the best defensive team ever?        
Defense doesn't always win championships I     
Defense doesn't always win championships II        
Defense doesn't always win championships III     
Ballerblogger    Season preview:  Boston Celtics    
Bleacher Report   Eastern conference up for grabs or still seeing green? 
The Suffolk Journal   C is for championship, Celtics look to repeat   
ProJo    Newport awash in Celtic pride            

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