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Nets Blogger Preview

njn.gifDennis Velasco of has his New Jersey Nets preview up.  Here's a highlight:

4. What are the goals for this team?

To somehow fake like they want to make the postseason, but secretly desire to tank in order to get some prime talent in the 2009 NBA Draft. Is that fair to say? Nope. However, the Nets do not really project to make it into the playoffs, even in the seemingly "weak" Eastern Conference. So, since the much ballyhooed plan is to get LeBron James after the 2009-10 season, why not put some pieces in place that will better the chances of Bron Bron lacing up his kicks in a Nets locker room? Of course, every team wants to make the playoffs, but sometimes, long-term, it might not be worth it. I only speak the truth... don't judge me!

For a full schedule of the previews, see here.

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