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Green Bandwagon Joins CelticsBlog

I had no idea what I was doing when I created Celtics Bandwagon in the fall of 2006. Thankfully SB Nation saw something and brought me aboard. That coupled with my bold strategy to trick environmentalists into becoming Celtics fans led to the creation of Green Bandwagon in March of '07. In my over year and a half here I've seen the C's hit rock bottom (the 5th pick!) and then inexplicably climb to the top of the mountain. It's been a fun ride. And now CelticsBlog is joining the aforementioned SB Nation. Obviously this is big news. CelticsBlog is a giant in the NBA blogosphere. But what does it mean moving forward? A lot:

- Starting this Friday (October 24th) Green Bandwagon will no longer be SB Nation's Boston Celtics themed blog. However, it will live on in an archive section on CelticsBlog.

- All Green Bandwagon members will become CelticsBlog members.

- I will write for CelticsBlog, which is something I did in the past. Who can forget my epic Leon Powe/Bill Laimbeer post? Ideally the move will expose my work to a much bigger audience and free me up to write posts about what really interests me.

- You can still reach me at

At the risk of leaving someone out I want to thank all of the readers and bloggers that helped me along the way at various points. Off the top of my head that includes Steve Weinman, esp4p3, njnick, Michael18, Georgia, Hossy, NHRoyal, PNH91, and Rondo. Also Blez from Athletics Nation, your friendly Bulls Blogger from Blog-a-Bull, LaRocque from ROOMOFZEN, FLCeltsFan from Loy's Place, Fooch from Niners Nation, atthehive from At The Hive, Cornrows from Indy Cornrows, Seth from Posting and Toasting (incidentally one of my favorite blog names), Dave from Blazers Edge, and Pradamaster from Bullets Forever. I'm sure there's many more. In closing I've already got some good posts planned for CelticsBlog. So I'm going to take a few days off and end this with a picture I've run to start and finish my blogs (all 2 of them):


Catch you on the flip side.

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