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Praise For Pruitt

Lots of words of praise for Pruitt from his teammates and specifically from his coach (Herald):

"He’s definitely worked himself in with Eddie (House) and Rajon (Rondo)," said Rivers. "He’s ready to play. I think he is. It’s not the offense for us. You know, he doesn’t see certain things yet, (but) that will come. It’s more that defensively (is) where he’s made his biggest improvement. He stays in front of the ball and he stays long, and that’s good."

In other point guard news, don't expect to see Sam Cassell play this preseason.  (Well, at least he got to practice with the team from the start of camp)

"Sam’s fine, (but) I don’t plan on playing him," the coach said. "I think it’s more important honestly to get Eddie (House) and Gabe (Pruitt) on the floor than it is Sam right now."

Are we sure he doesn't want that coaching gig?  Just askin'.

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