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Daily Links 10/20

Herald   Gabe Pruitt shows he belongs    
Kendrick Perkins is ready to rumble     
Knicks eager to get Danilo Gallinari up to speed       
Globe   Pruitt playing for a permanent role   
Player profile: Ray Allen   
Player profile: J.R. Giddens    
Celtics, Pruitt Net win    
Clipps Davis could face lengthy absence  

More Links After the Jump     
MetroWest Daily   Perkins makes up ground for Celtics    
CelticsBlog  8 days    
Kobe buttons his lip on int'l front    
Celtics Stuff Live 10/19 JB's farewell     
LOY's Place   Perk beasts as Celtics beat Nets 83-66    
Comments from the other side - Nets    
Celtics 24/7    Celts crush Nets in afternoon contest    
Red's Army   Rajon Rondo fashion plate    
Pruitt earns his spot      
Worcester Telegram   Pruitt unlikely to stick at point     
Enterprise   New-look bench gives Celts new hope    
Pruitt impresses in hard nosed audition for Celtics     
ProJo   Pruitt shows he’s up for the rigors of NBA     
Connecticut Post   Celts defeat Nets:  Perkins/Pruitt star    
WEEI   Celtics beat Nets 83-66     
Powe goes numb, ok after the game     
Fourth quarter reserved for reserves     
Perkisabeast   Perkins and Pruitt lead C's past Nets in 83-66 win    
NY Daily News   Celtics coach likes look of Nets    
Hoopsworld   Perkins leads Celtics over Nets in preseason     
Lex Nihil Novi   Celtics finally sign Ainge (81-82)    
Remembering the 29-3 start     
NBA Roundtable   Celtics clipping   
And One   Delonte West:  At peace on the court       

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