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Jazz Blogger Previews

uth.gifUtah Jazz previews:

Basketball John: SLC Dunk

2. What are the team's biggest strengths?

The Jazz have the most effective offense in the league.  Led by Deron Williams, the Utah averaged 106 points per game.  They have a lot of players that can beat you.  Williams has the all-around inside/outside game.  Carlos Boozer has someof the best post moves in the league and can finish with his right or left.  Mehmet Okur is a marksman from behind the arc but can also post up.  Ronnie Brewer loves to roam the baseline and move without the ball.  He's added on 13 lbs. of muscle over the offseason to give him an advantage when finishing at the rim.  The best part about the offense is that it's scalable.  It's made for a the half-court game and also when the Jazz need to pick up the tempo a bit.

UtesFan89: The Utah Jazz

1. What significant moves were made during the offseason?

After the disappointing end to last season, there were a ton of rumors flying around. You probably heard them too… Boozer to Miami for a pick and more, AK to anyone for anything, etc… most of which were probably started by depressed Jazz fans. In the end, the Jazz stood relatively still… surprising for a team that didn’t win it all last year. I guess the Jazz saw that their record after acquiring Kyle Korver last season was 38-12… something that extends out to 62-20 if extended over a full 82 game season and assumed that it would keep up. In any normal season, 62 wins should be plenty for home-court advantage. That pace keeping up seems unlikely though.

Aaron (aka la287): Utah Jazz Beat (coming soon)

For a full schedule of the previews, see here.

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