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Welcome to SB Nation and the new CelticsBlog

Hey everyone, welcome to the new and improved CelticsBlog!  I will turn things over to the SB Nation tech team now, so they can guide you through logging in and any questions or concerns you may have.  Please read the directions below and show them every courtesy.  Take a look around, get set up, and enjoy the new CelticsBlog.

Thanks - Jeff Clark


Hey CelticsBlog,

Today is the big day. We've switched your community over to the SB Nation sports blog platform. My name is Trei (clockwerks), and I'm here to help you get adjusted to the new home we've built for you. If you have questions or trouble with the new system, post a comment in this thread and myself or one of the team (lovitt, sixfoot6 or odacrem) will try to point you in the right direction. Or you can contact us directly through email at


We’ve worked hard to make sure that members of both CelticsBlog and Green Bandwagon can make an easy transition to the new combined CelticsBlog. In both cases you will be able to to keep all your blog comments and posts. There are a few easy steps that are the same for members of both communities – it just depends on where you do or don’t already have accounts registered.

Pick your situation and follow the instructions to get started:


  1. Login here with your CelticsBlog username and password
  2. The system will check to see if your username is still available on SB Nation. Unfortunately, not all usernames will be available. Choose a new one if necessary. This WILL NOT impact your forums username.
  3. Complete your SB Nation account registration


  1. Login here with your SB Nation username and password
  2. Claim your CelticsBlog account:

a) Click your screenname in the network bar at the top of the page
b) Click ‘Edit Account’
c) Select ‘Claim old blog account’
d) Find CelticsBlog in the list of blogs
e) Enter your CelticsBlog username and password, then click ‘add’
f) Click 'Update'


If you were already a member of Green Bandwagon, you should be all set. Just login to SB Nation. We’ve already made you a member of CelticsBlog and we migrated your comments, FanPosts and FanShots.

If you weren’t a member of Green Bandwagon, but want to participate on CelticsBlog, just login and click the big ‘Join’ button in the left sidebar.




Before, as a member of CelticsBlog, you could login to the blog and automatically participate in the Forums. That is no longer the case. Your forums account is now separate from your blog account. You must login to each separately. Your old forums account hasn’t changed and if you are required to choose a new screenname with your SB Account it won’t have any impact on your forums username or profile. They are completely separate.

Besides some cosmetic changes, the forums themselves have not changed. All of your old posts, your profiles, your Tommy points, etc are still there. Just login with your same old username and passowrd.


It’s not up in the top navigation bar anymore, but is still active and now found in the left sidebar.



Network Account and Profile

Once you’ve created your SB Nation account or if you already had one and have added your CelticsBlog membership, you now have a single passport across an entire nation of sport blogs. It’s a two-click process to join other blogs and start participating. And your activity is brought together in one fan profile. If you publish FanPosts across these communities, we pull all of those together into your own blog. To view your profile click your screenname anywhere you see it including up in the network bar when you’re logged in.

Other SB Nation communities that might be interesting to CelticsBlog members include Pats Pulpit (Patriots), Over the Monster (Red Sox), Third Quarter Collapse (Magic), Bullets Forever (Wizards) or Posting and Toasting (Knicks). Check out the full list of 150+ SB Nation blogs.

Schedule, Scores, Stats and Roster

CelticsBlog now has all the basic information about the Celtics and hundreds of other teams. During games you'll see a regularly updated line score, and as the season progresses we'll track team stat totals and leaders. This is just our first step, so look for us to publish more detailed and archival stats in the future. The best part about all this sports data is that we've integrated it directly into the blog. We now have special pages that aggregate all blog posts written about games, players and teams.

Auto-refreshing Comments

You no longer need to refresh the page to see new comments. If you're logged in, new comments will automatically appear on the page every few seconds. When you post a comment, the page will not refresh either. If you want to quickly cycle through all the new comments, you can press the C key on your keyboard. Unmark a new comment after you've read it with the X key. And use the Z key if you want to umark comments as you're cycling through them.

As you use these shortcuts to cycle through comments, press the R key to reply to the current comment. All these helpful keyboard shortcuts are listed at the top of each comments section for reference.


Publish your sports news and opinion at the next level with our blogging tools. FanPosts are where members of SB Nation communities write longer pieces on their favorite teams and sports. Everyone can recommend the best and most interesting FanPosts. And when blog managers see something exceptional, they can promote FanPosts to the frontpage. Also, it’s easy to attach related players, teams and games so that FanPosts can be promoted on those pages within CelticsBlogs and across all of SB Nation network. Here are a few links to check out:

The most recently published and recommended FanPosts are in the sidebar, but you can also click the FanPosts option in the top navigation bar to find a list view similar to forums. Members of CelticsBlog can respond to your FanPosts using the same fast-paced, threaded comment system on frontpage blog posts.


We’ve made it easy to post links, quotes, photos and videos that you find as you browse the web for Celtics news. FanShots are the quick hits you want to share with the community and get a conversation started. The most recently published and recommended FanShots are displayed in the sidebar on the homepage so you don’t have to dig too deep for the latest finds. There are two ways to publish FanShots:

  • FanShot bookmarklet – This one is designed to help you send stuff you find back to the community without having to return to the blog. You put a bookmarklet in your browser and when you find a video on YouTube, a story you like or a photo on Flickr, just click the bookmarklet. It’s pretty cool. To get setup: login, go to the FanShots list page and follow the instructions you find at the top about adding the bookmarklet to your browser
  • The FanShot editor – This is the easy tool built right into the blog – just click ‘New FanShot’ and choose the tab for the type of FanShot you’re making

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