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Junior Ewing Still In the Mix In Sizable Apple

Allan Houston is officially gone.  Patrick Ewing Jr. seems to be hanging around in a battle for the last spot on the Knicks' roster.

As reported by the Bergen Record's Steve Adamek:

Surprise, surprise, Allan Houston won't play for the Knicks this season.

Although he (and the Knicks) didn't use the word "retirement" in a statement Thursday that said the team would begin discussing a "new role" (e.g. front office or coaching) with him, that's basically what it is _ his third and last one.

Clearly, his 37-year-old body couldn't handle playing again and all the preseason and preliminary work he did says that won't change if he wanted to give it another try.

Anyhow, the Knicks also waived Dan Grunfeld on Thursday, leaving them with 16 players, all of whom have some kind of guaranteed mone.

In it's simplest form, the final spot probably comes down to Patrick Ewing Jr. (who's actually guaranteed a little over $440,000 via a bargaining agreement quirk) and Anthony Roberson (who's guaranteed just under $800,000).

Here's guessing Knicks fans will be pulling for the former.

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As we discussed earlier this summer, it's hard not to like keeping Ewing around from Knicks management's perspective.  On a team that's been disgustingly bad in recent years, he would provide a nostalgic link to a better time for the faithful, and he would be a fan favorite right off the bat.  Add to that the fact that he has the promise to be an impressive defensive player - an area in which the Knicks have been sorely lacking for years - and it's hard to see him not making the cut. 

That said, while Roberson doesn't have the pedigree, the Knicks were high enough on him to sign the guy to a guaranteed contract, so perhaps there remains a belief in the Garden offices that he has a significant enough advantage in potential that it's worth keeping him and forfeiting the fan favorite.  Count me among those guessing that Donnie Walsh somehow keeps Junior in town one way or another.

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