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Celtics Stuff Live Joins CSN


For those that were asking about Celtics Stuff Live, they have some real big news to share with you!  They have joined up with our friends at Comcast Sports Net.  Congrats guys!

Comcast SportsNet is pleased to announce that we will now be your home for "Celtics Stuff Live". Justin "Jughead" Poulin and Jon "The Duke" Duke (sounds a bit redundant, but we will go with it) will now bring their Celtics expertise to your TV home for the World Champion Boston Celtics.

Justin Poulin says:
"Celtics Stuff Live could not be more pleased to be joining the Comcast SportsNet team to deliver exclusive online coverage of the World Champion Boston Celtics.  This partnership is the culmination of over 2 years of effort on behalf of Celtics Stuff Live.  We would like to thank Jim Metz (formerly of Celtics Stuff Live), Jeff Clark (CelticsBlog), and Al Pinkall (Gold Rarities Gallery) for their efforts in helping to make this opportunity possible.  We will continue to bring our unique "professional fan" perspective to the live shows, podcaps, and articles every week.  Let the season begin!"

Check them out at

(and yes, we'll still tell you about the shows every week)

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