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Mighty Mouse Good For a Laugh

There's something about the phrase "Coach Stoudamire" that doesn't ring true to me.  Damon doesn't see it that way.

As reported by the Tuscon Citizen's Steve Rivera:

Former Arizona All-American Damon Stoudamire says he would "love to be part of" the Wildcats' coaching staff this season or next.

"They know I'd work hard because that's who I am," Stoudamire said in a phone interview. "I know the game. I think it would be a dream situation to go back to my alma mater and help out. I think it would be a great opportunity. I know Tucson. I know Arizona.''
No dispute here that he likely knows the game.  But the possibility of him teaching it to others while managing to behave himself seems up for debate.

This is, after all, a former lead member of the Jail Blazers, who has had more than his share of incidents with illegal substances and the law.  The guy has never carried a great rep as far as being a locker room guy is concerned, and even his on-court decision-making wasn't always stellar either.  Coaching youngsters really seems like a stretch of an employment line for him.

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