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Lamar Cool Coming off the Pine?

That's the word coming from contract-year man Lamar Odom this week.  That he's just fine doing whatever it takes to help his team.

As reported by Elliott Teaford of the LA Daily News:

EL SEGUNDO - Whether he has grown accustomed to his new role or whether he is simply resigned to coming off the Lakers' bench as their sixth man doesn't really matter all that much anymore. Lamar Odom stressed that he has decided to sacrifice individual glory for the good of the team this season.

"Really comfortable," he said of his new gig. "Whatever the team needs me to do, that's what I'm going to do. To be successful and play for championships, that doesn't come around too often, you know what I'm saying? Whatever it takes.

"You know, I'm a humble dude. I put my ego aside."

Sounds like a good attitude, although it's worth noting that Odom is big on the humility theme, to an extent that seems somewhat self-defeating.

The 6-foot-10 forward also had this to say to Teaford:

"The beautiful thing about my game is that I can fill any role," Odom said. "Not too many players can do that. Not too many players have the humility to come off the bench without a problem after they've started their whole careers."

And modest, too.  The humility in the room must have been stifling.

All that said, it's interesting to see Phil Jackson going this route rather than setting up the biggest front line in the game with Odom, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.  Odom will be able to help spell each big man and provide versatility at the top three spots as well, especially if Jackson plans to use him as a point forward from time to time as well.

Given his nature as a bastion of inconsistency, we're guessing Odom will see plenty of role fluctuation in the season to come.

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